As a new employee, you are required to enroll at least one method of 2-factor authentication for access to NTCC resources like email. One of the options is to enroll a physical Yubikey to Authlite (our 2-factor authentication application) to perform the 2-factor authentication with. If you have not been issued a Yubikey yet, please work with your campus liaison to obtain one. Once you have the key, it will not work until it has been enrolled with Authlite.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Open a web browser (like Chrome) and navigate to
  2. You will be prompted to login. Enter ONLY your username, using ONLY LOWER-CASE LETTERS. This is everything before "" in your NTCC email address. For example, if your email address is, you would only enter johndoe. Then click submit.
  3. Enter in your password and click submit. If you have already enrolled a one-time password with Authlite, you will be required to perform the 2-factor authentication to proceed.
  4. Click the Add Yubikey button
  5. You will then be directed to insert the Yubikey passcode. THIS IS NOT YOUR EMAIL PASSWORD. With the Yubikey plugged into a USB port and your cursor in the Yubikey Passcode box, push the gold contact/button on the Yubikey. A bunch of random characters will be entered in the text box. Do not change it. Click the Add button.
  6. After clicking add, you will be brought back to the main menu and a green banner saying "Yubikey added successfully" will be near the top of the window
  7. Click Log Out if you are done adding tokens, or click "Add OATH Token" to add a one-time password option to your Duo app.