When you need to login with an additional verification.

For some systems, such as accessing your Employee account NTCC email, you need to have another way to authenticate your account in addition to your username/password. 

This method, called Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), sends a one time password (OTP) to your phone.

Adding a passcode to the end of your password.

1.) Once you Enroll a OATH/One-time Password into Duo, log into the account you wish to access with your NTCC username/password like normal.


Normal Login

2.)  At the end of your password add a hyphen (minus)

Added Dash Login

3.) Now go to your Duo App and select the type of account you wish to access and view the passcode.

NOTE: Sometimes you will have 30 seconds to enter your visible code before it changes to a new code.

Duo Passcode Generation in Duo Mobile

4.) Add the passcode given to you at the end of the hyphen (minus)

5.) Continue to log in as normal.

Passcode added Login

How to authenticate into desktop apps.

Remember: The formula is password(minus)Duo passcode.