When you need to login with an additional verification.

For some systems, such as accessing your NTCC email, or other NTCC services you need to have another way to authenticate your account in addition to your username/password. One method is to use a Yubikey token. If you would like to use a one-time password (OTP), please refer to this article: Using Duo App for Two-Factor Authentication to NTCC Services

 This device is meant for NTCC logins and not LCTCS. Please use your Duo Authenticator for any LCTCS services connected through LoLA.

1.) Once you completed Enrolling a Yubikey into Authlite, log into the account you wish to access with your NTCC username/password like normal.


Normal Login

2.)  At the end of your password add a hyphen (minus)

Added Dash Login

3.) Insert your Yubikey into an available USB-A port on your computer.

4.) Press the Yubikey button while the end of your password is selected, after the hyphen.

It will add random string of characters in the password field.

NOTE: Please wait a few seconds to allow the string of characters to load before trying to continue.


5.) After you pressed the Yubikey button, click OK.

6.) You will now be log in.

Yubikey Web login